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International students can work on campus doing many different jobs like barista at the café, cafeteria work, office work, or work in the library. They pay different amounts depending on the college, but anywhere between $7.25/hour to $15/hour.

What kind of jobs can students find on campus and how much do they pay?

No, but they have a Career Connections department that can help students find jobs and improve their resume, as well as job fairs.

Is it the university's responsibility to find me a job?

There are 4 main vacation times: 1 week in October/November, 1 month in December/January, 1 week in March/April, 3 months in May/June until late August/early September. Plus for national holidays like Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Easter, students will have long weekends. First year students can only work on-campus during class and vacation. Once they start their second year they can get internships over the summer to work at different companies.

When are the vacations for universities in the United States and can I work during this time?


There is a college just right for each student in the United States. Our team will help you find universities based on your preferences and profile.

What are the minimum requirements that I must meet in order to study in the United States?

Colleges in the United States offer scholarships for different things like academics, athletics, need, merit, etc. It is common to be able to combine different kinds of scholarships. Scholarship amounts will vary and depend on each student and their situation.

What scholarships can I get?

We offer two (2) different programs designed so you can accomplish your goals and stay within your budget.

Will the program be too expensive?

We work together as a team and always keep in mind your preferences and goals. You and your family make the decisions with our advice and guidance.

Will I be able to choose my colleges or can I help with the college selection process?

We always recommend students and their families start this process one (1) year before the student will start school in the United States. The minimum time you should plan to have for this process is nine (9) months.

When should I start the program?

ATC was founded by and international student who went through this whole process himself. ATC is based in Indiana, US which allows us to make connections with and have indispensable access to colleges so our students can be successful.

Why should I trust ATC?


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