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Our Mission

To support and improve higher education opportunities for international students around the world.

About us

We are a company based in the United States, dedicated to positioning students and student athletes in the US university system. Aiming Toward College offers programs based on mentoring and real experiences, which create a bond between our team and our students.

The values ​​that our company offers are synonymous with effectiveness and we opt for quality above all else. That is why by being consistent and rigorous in our work, we are able to expand opportunities to obtain scholarships for all types of students.

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The Aiming Toward College team is made up of people trained in the recruitment process and who have also experienced it, which helps the ATC team with effective communication and understanding the students who go through the program.

Aiming Toward College reserves the right to accept students into the program seeking to preserve an impeccable 100% placement rate.

We are a consulting and professional services company that not only achieves contact between coaches, admissions counselors and students, but also puts its efforts in improving the necessary skills the student must develop to increase their chances of recruitment at the university desired and be successful in academics.

Guiding Principles

  • Commit to the highest standards of student's needs and opportunities

  • Respect all opinions, contributions, and perspectives of team mentors

  • Maintain strong relationships that will help us make the difference

  • Ensure that the company's earnings are equivalent to the quality of service provided to our students

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