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ATC Roadmap

The ATC Roadmap was designed to guide international students step-by-step through the search, application and admission process to the university system in the United States. In addition to providing relevant information regarding the entire process. ATC Roadmap allows students to take control of their application process to universities in the United States.

ATC Roadmap Sessions

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ATC Roadmap includes:

  1. ATC Roadmap: Step-by-Step Process with videos and presentations

  2. List of universities personalized to the student's profile created by the ATC team

  3. College Financial Plan Worksheet

  4. Timeline template for successful process planning

  5. Links to external scholarships

  6. PDF of FAQs with relevant questions and answers related to the process and each of its steps

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Yes! This course is meant for international students. This means all international students around the globe!

Can citizens of any country use this course?


Yes! The process of finding and applying to undergraduate and graduate programs will be similar, but requirements, length and other factors will make it slightly different, we cover all of them in the course.

Can I use this course to learn how to find graduate programs (Masters & Doctorates) in the United States?

This course is a tool to teach you how to have full control of your college search, application, and admission process. Unlike other agencies who will not share with you their methodologies, this course will go in detail about each of the steps.

What makes this course different from other education abroad agencies?

The college admission process for international students in the US looks the same no matter the country you're from! Slight differences are addressed in this course so no matter if you're from Latin America, Europe or Asia, this course will still apply to you.

If this information is not country specific, how will I know if it is appropriate for me?

Yes, many international students decide to start their undergrads in the US and/or transfer from their current colleges, The process for transfer students is very similar and the differences are covered in this course.

I already started university in my country, can I still use this course?

This course is available in English only. We want to make sure that whoever decides to do this process on their own already has an acceptable English level that will allow them to succeed in the process.

In what language is this course available?

No, college education is for anybody that wants it! We believe in making US college education a pathway to better careers and future for anybody at any age seeking any degree level.

Does the course have an age limit?

Once you have placed your order our team will send access instructions to your email, The instructions will walk you through how to create your account and as soon as it is created you will gain access to the ATC Roadmap!

How soon will I have the course once I order it?

YES! This course contains everything needed for you to create a path to study in the US whether you're a student or a student-athlete.

Is this course for students and student-athletes looking to study in the United States?

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