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Founder of ATC

Hello! My name is Arturo Fonseca and I am a Chilean living in the United States. Approximately six (6) years ago I received an offer in the form of a university scholarship to play tennis representing a university in the state of Indiana. This scholarship allowed me to access the expensive American university system and obtain my degree in business.

My most recent job is at a Fortune 500 orthopedic company here in the US.

During my second year in college I decided to create a space in which other students, both athletes and non-athletes, could obtain the necessary knowledge to access opportunities like the one I had through sports scholarships, academic scholarships and other financial aid. This space later became a company known as ATC to teach our program, which is the compilation of all my knowledge and that of other international students regarding the process of searching and applying for universities, obtaining scholarships and necessary documents, and much more.

My mission is to connect with all the people who have the same aspirations I once had; to be able to be their guide and share my experience for a process with fewer setbacks and more chances of success. If you are interested in knowing more about my history or you are someone who wants to study in the United States, do not hesitate to contact me!


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